About us

About Tono Educatin and Cultuire Foundation

Mission, etc.


We cultivate generous, warm individuals who have big dreams and who love their hometown.


Through our continuous planning of lifelong learning activities, international exchange, artistic, and cultural promotion, we aim to support the lives of our city residents and become a foundation that is both vital and loved by the city's people.


Trust and Environment
Through our planned activities, we create an environment of trust for our participants.
Awareness and Action
We strive to stay informed of current events both inside and outside of the city. And as we continue to grow in awareness of what is needed by our city's residents we take action and create opportunities that reflects that growth and awareness.
Stability and Innovation
While we welcome and often incorporate new ideas that are beneficial to our growth, we remain consistent with what we aim to achieve.


Our aim is to further promote education and culture in Tono City, and contribute to the development of a radiant and prosperous society.


1-10 Shinmachi, Tono, Iwate Prefecture 028-0524


January 26, 1974


Trustees: 10, Council Members: 8, Auditors: 2


January 26, 1974 The Tono Education and Culture Foundation was established
March 24, 1992 The Tono International Exchange Association was established
February 22, 2012 The Tono Education and Culture Foundation and Tono International Exchange Association were merged
July 10, 2012 The merger was officially recognized by the Iwate Prefectural Education Council
October 1, 2012 The merger was registered
April 1, 2013 The secretarial system was strengthened and privatized
(April 1, 2013) The foundation was entrusted with lifelong learning projects by Tono City
February 4, 2014 Registered as a general incorporated foundation
April 1, 2014 The foundation was entrusted with art promotion projects by Tono City
April 1, 2019 The foundation was entrusted with part of Tono Culture Research Center project by Tono City

About our main programs

For the foundation to achieve our goals in management ideology, etc., we are engaging in the following projects described below.

Education and Culture Projects such as our awards programs for city residents' achievements, public relations for the foundation, and book sales
International Exchange Projects such as international and understanding, support for foreign residents of the city, exchange programs for sending students from the city for study abroad, and exchanges with Tono's sister city, etc.
Lifelong Learning
(projects entrusted to the foundation by Tono City)
Lifelong learning lectures, child educational programs, go and shogi classes, collaborative projects with city residents, etc.
Promotion of Arts
(projects entrusted to the foundation by Tono City)
Projects such as independent plans for inviting musical and stage arts, operating a ballet studio, operating a choir, and inviting the theater for the youth
Tono Culture Research Center
(projects entrusted to the foundation by Tono City)
Holding Tono Culture Research Center Steering Committee, management of Tono Culture Prize and Sasaki Kizen Prize, holding Tono Culture forum, Citizen's lecture programs, etc...