Lifelong Learning

Introducing Lifelong Learning Lectures

Lifelong Learning・City Renewal Projects

IT Lectures

We offer a wide assortment of lectures where city residents, from beginner level to competent, can learn about computers.

  • PC Extreme Beginner Level
    PC system, basic operation, etc.
  • Digital photo
  • Computer programming class for elementary school students
  • Word Beginner Level
    Basic operation

IT講座超初級編「パソコンの仕組みについて学ぶ参加者」Participants in the PC Extreme Beginner Level class, learning about computer systems.

A Walk Around Tono's Heritage Sites

A walk around “Tono's Heritage Sites” (registered last year), For participants' to gain a better understanding of their hometown. In addition, the walk aims at touching upon the history of Tono and on better understanding the makeup and management of the heritage site's system.

遠野遺産巡りA Walk Around Tono's Heritage Sites

Lectures on Understanding Our Hometown and City Renewal

These lectures aim for understanding the local area both within and outside the city. Participants will engage all their senses during visits around Tono and other places.

Tono City Comprehensive Disaster Prevention CenterTono City Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Center

Story of Plants in Tono

Observing plants in Tono City and gaining a better understanding of the plants that grow within Tono.

Teacher and participants (Marsh Hachiman)Teacher and Participants

Handicraft Lectures

We offer a place for city residents to gain skills in various arts such as crafts, cooking, woodworking, etc.

Making arrangements for New YearHerbarium

“Manabii” Support

Introducing handicrafts by city residents

Ceramics Class (Manabii Club)Ceramics Class (Manabii Club)

Youth Activities Support

Children's Hometown Exploration and Discovery Club

This program is intended for elementary school students that are 4th to 6th year students. We admit up to 40 children into our program, and they hold events five (5) times a year. The students take part in outdoors activities.

Observation of the aquatic lifeMaking S'more at camp

Children's Go and Shogi Classes

In cooperation with the City Elderly Go Club and the Tono branch of the Shogi Association, we take on elementary and middle school students and hold classes for them 8 times a year.

Go and Shogi ClassGo and Shogi Class

Support for Activities by the Society Education Group

Our foundation shows its support by promotion for the work done by the Tono UNESCO Association.

Fund-rasing activities for Great East Japan earthquakeFund-rasing activities for Great East Japan earthquake


Within Tono City or any other surrounding areas of Tono, we have a wide-range of ages that serve as our volunteer staff. From High School Students to Adults, anyone can help out with our projects.

Tono UNESCO Association Books

The Tono UNESCO Association has published works such as the “The Legends of Tono”. They are known for publishing books that are easy for children to read.

These books are sold at the city facilities given below.
Tono Kaze no Oka Local Goods Shop, Tono Denshōen, Tono Furusato Mura, The Legends of Tono Museum, Aeria Tono, Tabi no Kura Tono

Children's Fairytale The Legends of Tono: Volume 1

Price (with tax) ¥660 (A5 size, 78 pages)

  • Legend of Tono's Three Mountains
  • Happiness-bringing Okunaisama
  • Tale of Zashikiwarashi
  • The Water Imp of Obakobuchi
  • Tale of the Phantom House
  • Oshirasama

etc., (16 stories in total)

Children's Fairytale The Legends of Tono: Volume 1Children's Fairytale The Legends of Tono: Volume 1

Mama's Children The Legends of Tono

Price (with tax) ¥1,540 (A4 size, 46 pages)

  • The Old Man Who Tricked a Fox
  • Oshirasama
  • Tale of the Phantom House
  • Okunaisama
  • Zashikiwarashi
  • The Water Imp of Obakobuchi

6 stories in total

Mama's Children The Legends of TonoMama's Children The Legends of Tono


Those interested in purchasing books, please contact us by email.

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